Why I Started Completely Guitars

When you play guitar there are many times when you need answers. You might be an absolute beginner and want to know the basics. You might be more advanced and looking for an upgrade on your guitar. Or you might be looking to expand your playing using effects pedals.

Completely Guitars aims to provide as much information as concisely as possible. Completely Guitars will forever be expanding, so make sure to visit regularly for more. The site is still in it’s infancy and I have big plans for the future including free video lessons.

You can find out a little more on me at my About Me page. Alternatively feel free to leave comments or questions or get in touch using my Contact page.

Feel free to browse the sections, or use the search feature below if you’re looking for something specific!

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Beginner Guides

It’s really exciting when you first begin playing the guitar, but it can also be quite daunting. The beginner guides section looks at the basics from an introduction to the guitar through to playing your first song. We also cover other techniques such as using a plectrum and playing barre chords.

In the future the beginners guides section will include some free video tutorials to walk you through the basics. We’ll also cover more in depth topics as time goes on, so keep an eye on the beginner guides section for new posts.

It’s my hope that I can record walk through videos for learning to play songs, which will take you through everything from picking up the guitar to strumming that last satisfying chord. Click Here to go to the Beginner Guides.

Gear Reviews

I’m a bit of a geek. There, I said it. That means that I have an interest in guitar gear. Another facet of playing the guitar is the overwhelming choice of guitars, amps and accessories available. Buying your first guitar or upgrading is a big choice. It can be very confusing trying to decide what to go for. I aim to provide everything you need to know in the Gear Review section.

When considering a guitar we take a look at materials, style, tone and crucially how it compares to it’s competitors. There are a lot of amp reviews too, looking at performance, features and value. Sometimes we go in depth of a piece of gear, such as multi-effects units. The aim is always to provide you with the key information you need to help you buy the best for your needs and circumstances.

The Gear Reviews menu item is broken down into categories. Or you can just go to the Gear and Reviews section to see it all. Got a specific question? Get in touch via my Contact Page and I’ll do my best! Click Here to go to the Gear & Reviews Section.

The Best Of….

Every now and then I’ll post a best of list. This is a quick read comparing the best of a product. This might be things like guitar tuners, looper pedals or even beginner’s electric guitars. Great for those who want to quickly see the pros and cons and those looking to compare and contrast products.

Maybe one day I’ll make some best of videos. Best guitar riff from the 90’s for example where I’ll invite you all to play along! You’ll find the best of articles in the Gear & Reviews section.

The Future

There will always be guitar related topics to write about. Especially with the dazzling pace of technology! But on top of that I’ll be looking to introduce new tools, new resources and new features. This will definitely include a video library to compliment beginner guides and gear reviews.

I may also introduce a free members area where like minded guitarists can discuss whatever is on their mind musically. It’s likely that a mailing list will be coming in 2021 to enable you to get the newest content as it’s published.

If you have any suggestions for new sections or new features get in touch using my contact page.



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