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About Me: A Guitarist Once Confused!

That’s me, Paul. When I first started playing guitar 17 years ago, I remember being completely overwhelmed by:That's me, Paul

  1. The number of products out there – what was best for me as a beginner?
  2. How I should go about learning to play my shiny new guitar?
  3. What accessories did I need?
  4. How could I get the best products for my budget?

Fast forward 17 years and experience has granted me so insight into how to answer these questions. I remember picking up the guitar for the first time and trying to play my first chords. Then I remember buying my first amp, my first effects pedals, even deciding on which pick size was best for me. I’ve been lucky enough to play live hundreds of times, but even then there was a huge learning curve about PA equipment. My aim is to share my experiences and help those picking up the guitar for the first time. I’ll provide handy tips that I’ve picked up over the years and recommend the best gear so you don’t have to spend hours trawling through endless products.

My History with a Guitar

I remember my first every guitar. It was frankly terrible! When I was a kid we had a £30 guitar laying about. The fretboard was really poor quality and come to think of it I think the frets actually went rusty. When I turned 18, after having been put off by that cheap guitar, I began to play a friends guitar. Fast forward a few months and I bought my first proper guitar. I still have it, my red Aria electro-acoustic. It was such a step up from the old guitar I had played as a kid. I paired it up with a 10 watt amp, which I also still have. I played all of my first open mic events with that guitar and even my first proper gig as a part of an acoustic duo.

That was it, I was hooked. A few years later I spent all of my holiday earnings on a Fender Fat Strat. It’s still the main guitar I use. I remember when I ordered it, I had to wait a few months for it to be made and shipped to me. When I first took it out of the box I was in love! The Fat Strat has a pair of humbucker pick ups at the bridge as well as to single coil pickups. With a maple neck I could go from super clean to filthy distortion with the flick of a switch. I remember the first time I played that through a PA system. It was so aggressive I thought it was going to start feeding on the crowd!

A few years later I bought the electo-acoustic guitar I currently use, a Crafter GAE-8. It’s a semi-dreadnought design. I mainly play rhythm in the acoustic duo, so the having a guitar that can handle bottom end was very important. I also have a bass guitar, but admittedly that doesn’t get as much use as the Fender and the Crafter. I’m more of a casual guitarist these days, but I do have my eye on an Epiphone SG!

Get Started Today!

Check out our beginners tips section, guides on buying the right accessories and reviews of the best training programs currently available. When you’re ready to move on check out our pages about effects pedals, PA equipment and tips for playing live. Learning to play the guitar is a journey. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy it!

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